VitoLiv™ maintains the overall health of liver.


  VitoLiv™ is the best liver herbal health medication.
  This natural supplement benefits users by acting as a strong Hepatoprotective tablet.
  VitoLiv™ maintains the overall health of liver.

  How Does it Work?
  VitoLiv™ is made up of potent herbs that work well to protect liver from damage and any other kind of harmful agents.
  Given below points summarizes the working of VitoLiv™:

  . VitoLiv™ prevents the entry of toxins into the liver cells or hepatocytes.
  . VitoLiv™ stimulates the production of new liver cells
  . VitoLiv™ improves the regenerative ability of liver
  . VitoLiv™ protects liver from inflammation, viral replication and growth.
  . VitoLiv™ acts as an Immunomodulatory agent and thus strengthens the immune system.

  Why is VitoLiv™ the preferred choice?
  VitoLiv™ is far much better than other liver remedies because of the following reasons:

  . It is 100% safe and free from any type of sideeffects
  . It not only protects liver from toxins and other damaging agents but also improves theregenerative ability of liver.
  . It strengthen immune and digestive functions
  . It is used in the treatment of alcoholic liver diseases, viral hepatitis, drug induces hepatitis,and jaundice


  Picrorrhiza kurroa:
  It has anti-inflammatory and antiallergic properties which prevents liver from any type of inflammation.
  This herb also protects liver from hepatotoxins and helps in the treatment of jaundice, nausea, dyspepsia.

  Phyllanthus niruri:
  This herb is reported to have antihepatotoxic, antiviral, antibacterial action.
  It has inhibitory effect on hepatitis B virus.

  Boerhaavia diffusa:
  It is useful in curbing various hepatic disorders.
  Furthermore stimulates liver detoxification process.

  Andrographis paniculata:
  It improves the immunity of body towards infection and cold.
  This herb enhances the flow of bile thereby improving the function of gallbladder.
  It is highly effective in protecting liver.