Glucolo™ is an amazing medical breakthrough formulated to stop type2 diabetes.
  This all new herbal medication is gaining popularity very rapidly because of its ample of unbelievable benefits. Read on to know more about Glucolo.

  How does it Work?
  Glucolo phytomedicine is especially designed to control blood sugar levels and type2 diabetes by following ways:
  .Glucolo stimulates the production of cAMP content of the islets which is responsible for the production of more insulin and conversion of proinsulin to insulin.
  .Glucolo triggers the regeneration of islet cells and stimulates glucose induced Insulin release.
  .Glucolo promotes the utilization of glucose during insulin dependant pathways by stimulating the activities of enzymes

   Why is Glucolo the preferred choice?
.It helps control, monitor and normalize blood sugar levels
  .It helps in the treatment of type2 diabetes without causing a single side effect.
  .It is quite reasonable and safe

  .Gymnema sylvestre
  .Enicostemma littorale
  .Pterocarpus marcupium
  .Syzygium cummini

   Gymnema sylvestre:
  It regulates the blood sugar level of the body and increases the secretion of insulin.
  This herb possesses anti-diabetic property.
  Gymnema sylvestre also promotes the regeneration of islet cells.

   Enicostemma littorale:
  It possesses antioxidant property and enhances glucose induced insulin release. This herb also maintains the blood glucose levels.

   Pterocarpus marcupium:
  It possesses hypoglycemic property. It helps in the production of more insulin and conversion of proinsulin to insulin.

   Syzygium cummini:
  It helps in the regeneration of pancreatic betacells

  Emblica officinalis - It significantly decreases the blood glucose as well as triglyceridemic levels